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Real local input reflects local knowledge, insights and preferences. Real local input is the ideal for which we strive: democracy “for and by the people.”

NEPA specifically addresses community, but conventional EIS do not account for local input about what matters most.  Furthermore, local input fails to capture the views and hopes of a vast majority.

Abstract policy terms do not replace real local input about what local people prefer and where we want to go as a society. That is the disconnect. Surveys and polls are superficial research instruments. Furthermore, town meetings and openhouses are void of continuity and by default, perpetuate the systemic malaise.

Locally derived

demonstration of a new action sphere for evolving democracy by example. We present a systematic new way of thinking about democracy by all: from government staff to local folks. Democracy depends on real local input.

democracy, community engagement, public involvement, stakeholder involvement, voting, representative government,

Real local input is on-the-ground, place-based, real-time, and community-driven.

about science and community
about interdisciplinary research

Participatory Sociocultural Action Research

Local Indicators of Well-Being

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