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Quality of Life means

Establish a baseline against which we assess a proposed improvement. This would improve the NEPA process and perhaps we could have avoided the tensions of the spotted owl and other environmental conflagrations pitting urban environmentalist with earthy rural people. In the end, local people could have still been in charge of stewarding the resource. In the final analysis, local control is the only way to protect the environment and its people. We need to improve the quality of information being used to make public decisions.

To claim to know what is good without that information is malpractice. A staffer is acting out an intervention without even a basic scan or Xray or bloodtest.

Indicators we use…

Community Well-Being and Ecosystem Stewardship

Community Engagement processes

Stakeholder Involvement


the difference

Targeting specific indicators in community engagement events will create a baseline. For now, the content of most meetings is lost in a backup file or archive. It is generally poorly synthesized and coded. Working with dot approach (Carl’s term:nominal group technique) in a live meeting without establishing a observer relationship to the content flow never leads to the baseline.