M. Le Ferrand, profile example

Welcome to our vision and thank you for visiting this descriptive profile example. To actually check out Myriem’s profile, please click About the Founder.

As an example, this page illustrates content we intend to provide about Guild Members. Profiles will highlight projects in social fieldwork and lessons learned. Members populate their own profiles online.


Work Story, Expertise and Projects

At this turning point in our relationship with Earth, we work for an evolution from dominance to partnership, from fragmentation to connection, from insecurity to interdependence.
– United Nations Earth Summit (June 3-14, 1992)
A Declaration of Interdependence

Work Story

Guild members will have the opportunity to share their work story leading to current insights, projects and future plans. Similar to a professional bio, this section presents guild member experience but members may write in a way that more naturally explains their journey. We hope to inspire clarity in the workplace and the sacrifices involved in fulfilling one’s dreams in a society that is not always as enlightened as we like.


This section lists skills and experience. We can also insert a current resume and a member’s LinkedIn Profile.


This section presents formal education and certifications.

Community Services

An important part of each profile will be promoting community services provided by a guild member. Everyone has to work to pay the bills. The Guild’s supporting our guild members by promoting their work online is a critical aspect of expanding social fieldwork for real local input! By offering this directory as a benefit of membership, we ensure that our members are able to stay true to their aspirations in social fieldwork.


Snippets about the guild member by mentors, peers and clients.

Quote or Quip

Guild member selects inspirational passage or phrase to lead into their profile. An example is provided above.

Social Fieldwork projects

A list of projects with brief description. Once we are fully funded, this section of the member profiles will include clickable links to a repository of fieldwork protocols, tools, lessons learned and takeaway. We also plan to provide parallel resource for communities to share information to support their goals and objectives through social fieldwork.