Already doing social fieldwork? Create a profile!

Many individuals are already doing social fieldwork in their community engagement work. Journalists, for instance, are looking for new ways to make their skillsets meaningful and relevant.

create a profile

One – Let us know your interest
Send us an informal request and tell us a bit about yourself. Also let us know your experience and how you’d like to help us now in start up mode. We will screen inquiries and get back with individuals we believe may be able to strengthen our efforts in these early days of building the Guild. We may not be able to reply to each person who writes. It’s wonderful to be in start up mode, but it does have its drawbacks. Thank you for your understanding!

We will then ask a few more questions and submit your request to our Board of Directors for review. If approved, we will send you an email and guidance for creating your profile.

Two – Create your profile
If you have web skills or an existing website, we will simply refer a link to your site. Else, please send your content and photos. We’ll provide a form for this purpose with content questions, word count and image sizing.


We plan to automate profile creation and will keep you posted.