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Thank you for reviewing site content. This page is just a jumble of notes for now. When it is ready for review, I will be in touch ~ Myriem

Draft content is presented for comment and feedback by designated users.
1 ) You can post comments on each page offering direct feedback, editorial comments, functional bug reports or other suggestions.
2 ) You can also do a walk through. Your direct feedback as you view really helps! Please contact the web creator to set an appointment.We plan to continue our efforts with monthly donations, project-based donations, fees for education of government staff and grants.

Word from the Founder

I’m so excited to be able to dedicate time to this website now!  This is our first step to financial sustainability.  There are many to thank!

And, I would love to talk with anyone who finds these ideas and our programs of value. If you have any ideas for funding or can encourage others to fund us, please do!  And if you see benefit, please feel free to write me directly or set up a time to talk on the phone. I’d be happy to answer questions or listen to suggestions.  Since I work without pay on this project, please exercise care in availing yourself of my time unless you are ready to fund us or know a solid source of funding.  Written encouragement is of course welcome!

Until such time as our organization is funded and I can allocate full time LOE to the task, we are not taking on volunteers. Once funding is in place, we’ll be ready to interview for part time and contract staff. We need to be able to coherently scale up.  Job posts are forthcoming once funding is in place.