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Why peace? Peace is a necessary condition in the sustainability equation. Our environmental problems are human-made and relate directly to the ill-advised and inequitable appropriation of resources.

We can be more fair to those peoples from whom our economy has historically extracted resources without consent, approval and corrective local input. Especially, we can avoid using force to get our way.  Force takes many forms.  It’s pretty simple: stealing is not ok. If you steal, it makes people agitated. Then, bad things tend to happen. Force is not earth-friendly.

Our public policy can be more informed and wise. We can restore a sense of justice to ease the damage already done. But for this to work, we need real local input.

Social fieldwork can go a long way to strengthening natural resource policy and community development, but with less contention between environmentalists and local people.

Social fieldwork is a good way to get a handle on whether a stated outcome is actually achieved. We need to be systematic about participatory local evaluation. We can get ourselves on track by focusing on indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship.

Real local input is necessary to equitably protecting and restoring all we care about including air, water and most especially, peace!

• earth day is every day •

We are washing our hands of years of mismanagement of the planetary economy.

We can join together and make a difference. 

Thank you for helping us spread a real hope with real local input!

Our future depends on your awareness of the interconnectivity of the biosphere and the economy.  We must protect biodiversity and the biome in a people-friendly way.  Our future depends on how each of us make an economic difference in the way we live – in a real way, each day.

Share the image above in all the ways you like including in your profile. 

Draw on your own hands, illustrated on a note.

Imagine all the ways to raise awareness through the power of our own hands. 

It’s in our hands. Take a pic of your hands and text it to friends, share what you plan to do as part of the new sustainable, locally-built economy.  Do outreach.

Encourage people to sign up for roots . a weekly newsletters about a people-friendly and earth-friendly way forward.  Thank you!

Let’s do the groundwork for a new, more local and sustainable one! 

Let’s make this earth day the one when we make the shift! Thank you!

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We are working on a way to switch off imports.  But for now, sometimes this is the best deal to a new world, when you are living for sustainability and simplicity. We need to start making great items where we live.  Let’s learn to do this with econ4peace’s upcoming “Make a Product” portal. Stay tuned!

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Economics for Peace Institute is a federally recognized 501c3 charitable organization classified as CO5, Environmental – Research Institute and/or Public Policy Analysis.

Mission and Vision Statement

The Institute was founded in 2008 ask a response to the failure of local input in regional planning to address the fracking and climate crisis in a good way.