Hub for Social Fieldwork

What you can find online

Social fieldwork describes practical research methods for informing our democracy with real local input. The hub will be a reference point for accessing how to information about these practical research methods. It will provide information, resources, tips, case studies, explanations and more. Access to these resources will be free and not require Guild membership. The features represented by the little happy person icon would be accessible without membership.

As you may have experienced, the actual website is designed to be fun, user-friendly and interactive. Our goal is to be uplifting and hopeful despite the magnitude and scope of the problem addressed. We also plan to provide downloadable content so that being online is not a requirement. User will navigate our site with this list or use the various interactive menus and buttons we’ve provided for the Hub.

As founding member, I hope to develop a starter DIY kit in the Fall of 2017.
 I would love suggestions and contributions as we get closer. ~ Myriem

For many features of the Hub, visitors will register as users of the website. There is no cost to register and resources will be freely available, pending adequate funding through donations and grants.  You donations today help us on our way!

Guild Members as Hub Developers

Guild members will also be developers and contributors of online resources. They can take responsibility and supervise the upload of any set of resources for which they take personal responsibility. This could include the work of students in the case of professors, planners or teachers.

Visitors to this site may begin by assisting us in early development. To access hub resources for testing this site, please register as a user. We are ready to have your feedback now on this prototypical site.

Tools available to Guild Members

We plan to have available the best in online support for teaching and networking.

We are also exploring thematic coding tools. Please send your recommendations and reviews for tools.  We will provide a how to guide as well for manual coding.  We also will test visual data display software such as Tableau.

You will also be able to:

  • Tell Your Stories and share case studies.
  • Become a Mentor.
  • Connect on Slack.
  • Create Learning Tools

We may add a feature for sharing community-wide information with various levels of privacy protection for locals.

In addition, members could display socio cultural indicators of community well-being and ecosystem stewardship by region.  In this way, we can start to see if their are emerging patterns that could be generalized as a policy recommendation and to inform locals on the best allocation of their fieldwork time and research.

Members will be able to share insights online following review by peers and locals.  Overtime, the Institute will present a user-friendly and engaging hub membership system. We are continuing to research a wide range of membership and research tools. For instance, BuddyPress could nable registered members of our site to create profiles, make connections, create & interact in groups, and more.