Welcome to the Guild’s online home

Economics for Peace Institute encourages planners and locals to adopt social fieldwork as a means to ensure local input.  We would like to offer ways to share tools and experience easily.  In 2020, the Institute will launch parallel education initiatives – one in real-time and one in virtual space:

– The Guild for Social Fieldwork is a friendly, yet disciplined association of practitioners. The Guild exists for the primary purpose of encouraging practitioners who conduct social fieldwork.

– The Guild’s Online Hub leverages the internet to make available a communication network to support individuals and workgroups engaged in social fieldwork.

Through the Guild, the Institute seeks to connect a community of practitioners. The Institute expands access to resources for doing social fieldwork.

Launching the Guild for Social Fieldwork

The Institute will share research tools with practitioners through the Guild. We hope to be up and running by summer 2020.

Roles and Responsibilities of Guild Members

Guild membership involves several spheres of action. This can include on the ground development, online development and simply being a resource to other members to encourage our work.

Joining the Guild

Some people may join the Guild right away. These people might already do social fieldwork to get real local input in their community engagement work. Others will find their voice heard in community conversations and reflected back in local decision-making. The Guild is here to help get things rolling. Learn more about joining the Guild.

Introducing the Hub

The Institute will ensure Hub service delivery through fundraising and grant writing. The online hub will serve as a portal to view Guild members, case studies, tools for social Fieldwork and community data, if beneficial and by request of community. The circle button in the lower right illustrates how we plan to connect your sphere of online action to on the ground results.

Visitors interested in “doing the groundwork” can share resources, find DIY tools to explore and share in your community. Individuals and community groups can connect through online collaboration and present their findings. Individuals can join the Guild so we can all teach each other, respond to community requests for experienced practitioners and more! Learn More about the Hub.