The Guild is a project of Economics for Peace Institute. The Institute advances grassroots social science to inform community and regional planning. We support communities in developing baseline indicators of community well being and ecosystem stewardship.

Social fieldwork is practical research that ensures real local input is at the table when public decisions are made. The Guild supports people in doing this important groundwork for democracy.

This site was built in 2017 to test WordPress as a replacement for Drupal.  We pre-launched this site in February 2020, and have added content since then.  With our first newsletter to go out in early April 2020, we are launching this site as a prototype.  Feedback is welcome during our next phase of onboarding and fundraising to make this vision a reality.  Thank you.

Place-Based Research – Fieldwork by Local People

Rather than relying on polls, surveys or demographics for a set of indices, social fieldwork builds on active participation with local people. Representative government fails not only because of election fraud and the corrupting influence of campaign contributions. Our democracy fails because decision-makers do not benefit from good information including real local input. Social fieldwork improves the quality of information used to make public decisions.

Fieldwork and Quality of Life

As the Institute advocates, social fieldwork places attention on quality of life as expressed in daily life. Through consistent application of social fieldwork in a community, local people can co-create enduring markers (or indicators) of where they want to go. These indicators establish a baseline against which to assess changes in quality of life. A baseline is essential to assessing costs and benefits of change – whether naturally occurring, historic, proposed or mandatory.